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“Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay"



For the past few years I've been tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay and generating very good profits.  I'll show you how to do exactly the same.

You could be making money from items other people throw into their rubbish bins each day!  Items they're glad to get rid of, which serve no obvious purpose once they're more than a few hours old.  Just ask and most people will stockpile these items for you, some will even pay you to take them away to make room for more of the same.

We're talking everyday items here, even recent publications available in abundance, alongside other paper items which are old and quite rare yet still just cost pennies at auctions and flea markets or even on eBay itself. 

We're talking about newspapers  …..  magazines  …..  and books  …..  the sort of things most people buy to read and bin soon after.  'Rubbish' that could earn you upwards of $200 a time - and doubtless a great deal more - every single day!

Priceless?  Today's Newspaper? How Can That Be?

The simple truth is, most people don't realize a newspaper or magazine can be even more valuable once it has been read and crumpled, and finally discarded.  Few people understand the wealth of opportunities that lie buried in the pages of average modern day or somewhat older publications.

And just as surely they don't know - or don't believe - that money is waiting to be made from these publications, but only by those who have the inside knowledge essential for turning paper into gold.  You can have that inside knowledge today and very soon:

You WILL Soon be Generating Very High Earnings Indeed From These Projects  .....  Most of Which Require Just a Handful of Magazines  (Sometimes Just One) and a Few Common Household Accessories.

Everything I am doing is completely new, few people are doing anything similar on eBay.  You see, it's just a few years since I discovered this easy business myself, and it's something I can't wait to share with you.

This entire concept has made me an eBay PowerSeller yet I genuinely am just touching the tip of this exciting opportunity.  There's much more to this business than even I can tackle and the market is wide open for more people to copy me exactly and generate some extra spending money or even earn a full-time living this way.

No doubt you are wondering why I am giving you this vital information, why I should share my secrets with you.  After all, it it's this good why don't I keep it all to myself and make sure no-one else ever grabs a share of these easy profits?  The truth is I have as much of the market as I can reasonably handle, and I genuinely don't want to spend my entire working life cutting up old newspapers and magazines.  I like writing, too, and publishing, and selling collectibles.  So a few days a week is all I can manage for this business.  If I can make $1000 or so each month working a few days, that's fine by me, the rest is open to you, and many more people, and there's no way this market can ever be saturated even if thousands of people buy my guide.  You see, eBay is huge and on any given day many millions of registered eBayers are eagerly looking to buy from millions of listings covering hundreds of different selling categories.


It's all so easy, so profitable, so enjoyable, and when you see what's involved you really will be amazed at the prices people all over the world will pay for items anyone can find, take home and dismantle, and ….. 

….  Best of All  …………..

You don't have to learn for yourself
how to get started making big money from tearing up easy-to-find books, newspapers and magazines, because my unique blueprint is packed with illustrations, showing you, step-by-step, which are the best publications to look for and how to turn your finds into easy cash.  

You will discover, in precise detail, exactly how to operate one or a string of eBay businesses, all selling individual items removed from old books, newspapers and magazines, and how to turn every single page of those publications into a profitable earnings source for you.

Why Am I Qualified To Talk To You About This Business?

Simply because:

  I'm a writer and publisher focusing mainly on business opportunities, I'm the editor of a private newsletter focusing on making money from eBay, and I'm also an eBay PowerSeller specialising in vintage postcards, ephemera, alongside hundreds of other items you'll read about in Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay.

  I've sold paper items and collectibles for more than forty years, long before eBay was born, although for many years I sold only at nearby flea markets and collectors' fairs, targeting mainly local markets and still generating a useful income.  Today I sell worldwide, on eBay, making the money I made at flea markets look paltry compared to the phenomenal profits I'm making today.  This is me, about twenty years ago, selling postcards, ephemera and paper collectibles (from old books and magazines) at a local flea market.

  I really love writing about business opportunities especially those I already operate myself, such as making money tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay.  But this is just a small area of my overall writing sphere, I write about lots of other things too, and I like to think I do a good job at showing others how to start a profitable business.  My regular readers know that when I write, I strive to cover everything from the very basic foundations of a business, to having your business up and running, into profit, and planning for bigger and better things to come.   So I know my eBook will be easy to read, simple to follow, and packed with all the information you need to get started in this easy business right from day one.  But wait, I shouldn't blow my own trumpet, that isn't what you want to hear, so let me give you these testimonials instead, from experts in the publishing business and people who've bought my book and already made money from tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay!

"I recently purchased a copy of your book ''Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines', and have enjoyed it thoroughly.  This is one of the best written, easiest to understand, eBooks I have ever purchased.  I have a lot of new ideas and am working on some old books I have around the house."
  Lee Overton (USA)

"I brought and downloaded your 'Make money tearing up old books & mags' eBook yesterday and thought it one of the most useful & useable manuals that I have read in a very long time. It is nice to see a realistic manual for a change, that simply just shows you how to do it, without pictures of beaches & smug people standing by sports cars.  It is a rarity."   Richard Bullivant

Talking about another book I have just written, about selling vintage postcards on eBay: "You mentioned that it is the best book you have ever written.  I doubt that, it will have to be some book to beat the fantastic eBay book that I bought from you a while ago, the one that got me selling cuttings and clippings of rock stars.  What a great way to make a few quid from one of my hobbies!"  Lynn Norton.

It Gets Even Better Because  ….

eBay really has got to the be most perfect home business you're ever likely to find, it's the simplest business of all to start and it's so easy and inexpensive to find and buy books and magazines (also newspapers, booklets, and other items you'll read about in Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay).

  No personal contact is required  …..  everything can be done by email, telephone, fax or post.

  There is nothing else to buy …..  my guide is all you need to get started and run this amazing business on eBay.  Almost certainly you'll find all the items needed to list on eBay in your own cupboards or garage, or get them free from neighbours, or pick them up for pennies at flea markets and jumble sales.

  No special skills or knowledge required  …..  if you can open a book and carefully sift through the pages  …..  you can operate this business.  All you need are the publications themselves and knowledge of what to do with them next.  But what you need more than this is a complete step-by-step guide to placing your listings on eBay at the right time, in the right place, at the right price.  All this takes less than a minute to do and costs a few pennies a go.  Even so there are many ways I will reveal to reduce the 'work' involved and lots of ways to cut costs to virtually zero and still those eBay listings can generate upwards of $10, $20, $30 a time, perhaps much more.

  This business really does work and my eBook is all you need to get started, along with continuous back up support and advice directly from my blog set up to accompany this book. 

More great things people have said about my book:

Avril:  I have enjoyed my ebook on tearing up old books and mags, can't wait to get started.  Thank 
you for such a complete and knowledgeable book!
Jim Bailey
Dear Avril, You are the first one who seems to give REALLY good information on how to do things 
with old papers etc.
Casey Cholaki    
Avril, I recently bought your book on "tearing up old magazines. . ." and really enjoyed it. 
It was well done. I have a question  …..
Roxie Boyd

Here Are The Important Things You Need to Know About This Proven Money-Spinning Opportunity

You can:

  Start this business right away with no risk whatsoever  …..  there is little or no investment involved.  I started with a book I already owned and a few dollars for eBay advertisements and some additional materials for presenting my stock (this is the big secret to turning absolute rubbish into valuable 'must have' items).  I'll give you precise examples in my eBook and show how you can emulate my success without ever encroaching on my market. 

  Run the whole thing from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

  Be paid $5, $20  …..  even $100 or more  for every sale.  Remember some people will buy several of these items, others will bid up to incredible amounts for items that cost you pennies.  

  Work when you like  …..  mornings, evenings or weekends ….. you choose the time and place.


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Here's An Overview Of What You Will Find in My Guide

  Learn quickly how to upload your paper items to eBay, from creating great titles to knowing exactly where bidders with money to spend are most likely to look for your listings.  Because you'll learn from my experience, you'll have no troubles writing titles and descriptions for your items and creating great illustrations, and fulfilling orders all over the world.   

  How to reach thousands of people looking to buy your items on eBay.  

  How to describe your products in a way that sends people rushing to 'Bid Now' or better still bid way above your best expectations and even rush to get their money into your bank account within minutes. 

  Why the best item to buy to resell is something nobody wants and would never contemplate buying.  But wait, there is an incredibly good reason for you to buy that item and with just a few minutes' effort I'll show you how to turn it into something people will fall over themselves to buy!  This is the stuff bidding wars and eBay record breaking prices are made of! 

  What to offer your customers that costs you less than one penny a time to provide, yet turns even the most ordinary item into a must-have product that by far the most sceptical of eBayers just can't wait to bid for and own.   

  Discover a very simple, easy thing to do, that few others are doing already, which can quadruple your profits, and even if many more people are selling similar products to yours (very unlikely) yours will still be the ones people rush to bid for and buy. 

  How to start a bidding war for your eBay listings!  You'll see how, for a little extra 'work' you can increase your prices significantly and still have people fighting between themselves to buy whatever you are selling.  This is so easy, yet most people on eBay just don't know this secret I  reveal in my report, even though it costs nothing and takes just a few minutes to do. 

  How to make really silly money listing products from books that contain hundreds of items that can be sold separately, each of which can bring bids of $4, $10, $40 or more a time.  I've done it, many times, and I include irrefutable proof in my book.  I'll even show you which books and magazines to look for and how to get them at the lowest possible price, even free of charge!  You'll quickly discover that the choice of publications you can choose from is so immense that what you sell is nothing at all like what I am selling and could in fact be worth much more than my items.  The upshot is that won't ever encroach on my market and I won't ever be a threat to you!   

  You'll see how, for a little extra 'work', you can raise your prices significantly and still have people fighting to buy from you.  This isn't really work at all, just an inside secret you'll hear about in my book, yet most people on eBay are too lazy to do this, or they don't know about it, even though it costs nothing and takes just a few minutes to do. 

  What every cat lover in the world wants from you  …..  and every dog lover, too.  And the more you have of these everyday items, the more those people are happy to pay. 

  How to turn a handful of ads. for goods you can no longer buy into a powerful profit-generating machine.  You'll see how just a handful of magazines will generate the bulk of your profits when you learn secrets that normally take years to learn.  You can profit from this knowledge in days. 

  The freebie that's worth a fortune to you.  You'll learn where to find hundreds of these items every week and have eager regular bidders for every one. 


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One Final Thing

Remember, no special experience is called for on your part, and my book is written in straightforward, easy to follow instructions.  There are pictures and illustrations to help you more easily understand what's involved, as well as step-by-step instructions about what publications to choose, what to do with them, how to price and promote them, even how to fulfil your orders in expectation of bigger profits later. 

You can start this business any time you like, it won't date, it won't go out of fashion.    The business, and my eBook, work equally well in the USA as in the UK, or in Japan, or Ireland, Italy or Canada, in fact anywhere at all!

But I would recommend anyone currently contemplating this 'ground-floor' opportunity to …..   do it now   …..  simply because if you don't establish a strong foothold in one or more areas soon, someone else may beat you to it.

Bear in mind this massive report is designed to work in any country, it is not restricted by boundaries, and it doesn't matter who you are, what experience you have, how old or how young you are.  If you have a computer and Internet access you can run this business, starting now, starting today.

Order Now and Download Right Away - Even During the Night

There really can't be a business easier than this, or more enjoyable, or so immensely profitable!

So claim your copy of 
How to Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay today.   Why not take this first step straight away?  To claim your copy now, all you have to do now is click on the payment button and, within minutes, you'll have downloaded this report and some wonderful bonus items, and you'll be well on your way to grabbing your own share of this lucrative business.

Here's those bonus items I've just told you about:

One Book with 12 Eager Buyers And Probably a Great Many More


  A Four Letter Word That Makes Fortunes on eBay


Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay - Worked



  How to Find Valuable Works of Art Hidden Among Newspapers and Magazines



Avril Harper

P.S.  Here's the biggest secret of all - once you find those publications that bring the highest profits for you, you really can buy as many of those items as possible and sell all without ever creating new eBay advertisements from scratch.  Don't worry, it isn't hard, I'll show you how in my book.

All of our products are guaranteed for 60 days, so if you are in any way unhappy, just email me for a full money back refund.

P.P.P.S. Our product is pdf format and suits PCs and Macs. 


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